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A 20 kilometer long exhibition 40 artworks by a great international illustrator in the billboards of Cremona

Affiche is an atypical exhibition, set up in the spaces that are normally reserved for advertising or electoral posters. Affiche is an exhibition that expands throughout the city with a journey of about 20 kilometers. Every year the large-format artworks of a great international illustrator are shown and his images – usually published in magazines, newspapers and books – are presented directly to passers-by, whether they are strolling, or traveling by car or bicycle. The exhibition space is the city itself. Anyone can visit the exhibition by passing in front of a work by chance, or by following the directions and the route of the map distributed in the city or downloadable on the site The lazy ones can download the app and take only a virtual tour or find all the images displayed in a more “traditional” place, that is at the Spazio Tapirulan (corso XX Settembre 22, Cremona).